Monday, October 3, 2016

Odroid-c2 assembly

It is time to assemble the odroid-c2!
The assembly requires :
- attachment of the eMMC card on the Board
- put the Board inside the case
- secure the case with 2 very small screws (screwdriver not included!)
The parts are :

The first thing was to attach the eMMC card on the board.

It had a strange feeling that I might break it!
But in the end, I realized that the eMMC cards does a click and snaps into place!

Next up, was to put the board inside the case.

The board fits exactly inside the case.
The case closes with three clips (that feel that they will break when trying to open it!).
And also it requires 2 very small screws to secure the board inside it.
The board is very protected inside the case. The board did not move at all when I tried shaking the case!
You can see what the odroid-c2 looks assembled:

Isn't that a beauty?

Using the eMMC card yields higher speeds at the expense of more difficult disassembly in case one needs to extract the card.
Using a microSD card, although lower performance, one can extract the card without opening the case. You can see there is an opening on the case for the microSD card :

I wish that on the "c3" (if there ever is one!), there will be an opening for eMMC too!!!


  1. I too want to use a C2 as a server. I prefer the Android way because this is the only way I know. My question is: Can I plug in 4 x usb portable HD (4TB each and with their own power suppllies) and configure the setup as a RAID-0 server?

    1. Hi GoMario. I have not tried Android yet.
      Plugging in 4 disks with their own power supply seems feasible.
      But you will need to look into software raid for Android, if there is one, since odroid does not provide a raid hardware controller.
      I am sure that ubuntu has software raid, but I have not tried it in arm64 architecture yet.
      You may find something useful in odroid forum.
      You may also take a look at this post:
      You may also look at RAID-10 or RAID-5, if you store sensitive data that you do not want to lose if one of the disks breaks.