Monday, October 3, 2016

Odroid-c2 eMMC card backup - burn image - restore (Part 1)

As a seasoned administrator, the first thing I did was BACKUP!
A backup of the eMMC card to an image file using my laptop and a microSD-to-USB adapter that I own.
I wanted to be sure that I could revert back to the initial image in a blink of an eye in case of OS/file corruption!

To make this work, I used the eMMC with it's eMMC-to-microSD adapter, and my own microSD-to-USB adapter.

So I attached the odroid's eMMC card to its eMMC-to-microSD adapter.
Then I attached that to my microSD-to-USB adapter.
And finally jacked it up in my laptop!
And it worked!

It IS a monstrosity! But it works!!!

The free backup programs that I used are :
- "AOMEI Backupper Standard" and
- "Active Disk Image"
Both programs take disk-to-image backups that include the boot sector.
Furthermore both programs can execute image-to-disk restore from a pre-existing backup.
I took 2 backups, because I had problems in the past with a backup file that was restored and could not be booted!
When both of the backups were complete, I felt safe!

Each backup took about 5 minutes each (running at 17MB/s read speed).
I expected a higher speed. I don't know if there was a bottleneck somewhere.
I 'll do a disk benchmark in the future. No doubt about that!

This post will be continued with instructions to burn an ubuntu minimal image (and maybe an LibreELEC image), as well as instructions about restoring an pre-existing backup.


  1. As an experienced Linux administrator you are, I think that it is better to take an image using dd.

  2. Indeed George!
    I would be using dd, if my management laptop was not "windows only" for the moment!
    I will add the dd backup command using cygwin in the followup post.