Sunday, September 18, 2016

Odroid-c2 unboxing

The odroid-c2 has arrived!
Ιt took only 10 days!!!
Well done hardkernel!
Well done EMS!
Well done elta-courier!

It arrived inside a small package with the odroid logo on it! Nice!

The back side of the package had the "cu(r)stoms declaration", which probably helped ease its way out of customs office without custom fees!

The package has a rubik-cube feel!
Like, it's impossible to open without tearing it apart!
I mean it!
If you are not the one that packed it, you cannot open it!!!
You can only take a knife and start cutting it up!
Which is what I did!

The odroid board was smaller than I imagined it, but it feels very robust.
A really small form factor server wanna-be!

And the up side of the board :

The case also feels well manufactured, and the board fits seamlessly.
I like the feel that all the parts were made to work with each other.

The package also contained :
- the power adapter (EU style!) with 1.5m cord. Very thoughtful!
- the WiFi chip and antenna (all fit inside a usb stick!)
- the IR remote control, which feels very slick! It takes 2xAAA batteries (not included).
- the eMMC card with the microSD adaptor for read/write

Next up:
Odroid-c2 assembly
Odroid-c2 backup eMMC card

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